Steve Bannon had to know this was coming

No one is surprised that Steve Bannon has refused to honor the House Select Committee’s subpoena. Some may be surprised, however, that several Republicans joined in the vote to hold him in contempt. Business Insider reported that Bannon’s attorney told the committee that Bannon had no obligation to respond until issues are resolved with Trump’s claim of executive privilege. What one has to do with the other makes no sense. Regardless of Trump’s position, Bannon has no grounds upon which to claim privilege. Liz Cheney believes that Bannon was involved in the planning of the event and “likely had an important role in formulating those plans,” according to the Hill. As far as Cheney is concerned, Bannon’s involvement points to Trump’s direct knowledge and participation in the event.

CNN quoted Cheney as she discussed her belief: “Mr. Bannon’s and Mr. Trump’s privilege arguments do appear to reveal one thing, however: They suggest that President Trump was personally involved in the planning and execution of January 6th, and we will get to the bottom of that.” Cheney appears to be on to something. Innocent people do not hide their innocence; they shout it from the rooftops. Bannon, Trump, and Kevin McCarthy all come across as guilty. McCarthy has tried his best to thwart the committee at every turn, and if Bannon was directly involved with the assistance of Trump, they both have plenty to hide. Virtually everyone else who has been subpoenaed is cooperating, including Ali Alexander, leader of the Stop the Steal organization, and he continues to claim that Mo Brooks, Andy Biggs, and Paul Gosar were all willing participants. If he is telling the truth, there is little wonder that Republicans continue to interfere.

CNN reported that Cheney called out Jim Banks for falsely holding himself out as a ranking member of the committee. It is reported that he sent letters to several federal agencies, including a letter to the Department of Interior, requesting copies of information provided to the committee, asking to be briefed on developments. When Cheney called him on it, Banks whined that Pelosi would “not allow” him to serve on the committee. Why would she? This committee is working well together. Imagine what it would have been like had the three Trump apologists been allowed on the committee. It would have gotten nowhere, as their goal would have been to disrupt, obfuscate, and conceal information. Clearly, Bannon and everyone else involved in this event have something to hide.

Adam Schiff pointed out that Bannon was in close contact with Trump leading up to the insurrection. According to Schiff, Bannon knew what was going to happen that day because “he predicted that all hell was going to break loose on January 6.” Schiff is mostly concerned with Trump’s role before, during, and after the insurrection. So are we. Many of these conversations and plans appear to make the case that Trump was in fact involved. We have a right to know just how much havoc Trump unleashed on our country besides what we could already see for ourselves.

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