Stephen Miller just made Donald Trump’s mess even worse

When we first heard over the weekend that Donald Trump was preparing to give a speech on race relations, we thought it was a joke. When we heard earlier today that Trump’s white supremacist adviser Stephen Miller was writing the speech, we really thought it was a joke.

But while this is all very much a joke – and an unfunny one at that – it turns out it’s true. Respected CNN correspondent April Ryan says that Stephen Miller really is writing Trump’s race relations speech. We’re not even sure where to start with this. An avowed racist like Miller writing a speech about racial unity is like… well, we don’t even need to come up with a metaphor, do we?

This speech will be a disaster. It was going to be a disaster no matter who wrote it, because no one in that building understands or cares about America, and Donald Trump is incapable of even pretending he cares. But now that we know Miller is the one writing the speech, it will be an unqualified disaster. At this point it’s almost as if Trump wakes up each day and tries to figure out ways to drive his poll numbers even lower.

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