White House insider: Stephen Miller is an “absolute disaster”

The illegitimate Donald Trump administration is embarrassing in every way, shape, and form, but it always reaches a new low when the obnoxious and unstable white supremacist Stephen Miller steps to the microphone. But as much as decent Americans all loathe the prick, his public appearances are nonetheless productive when it comes to Trump’s white trash support base, right? As it turns out, not so much.

The assumption from the outside has been that even though Stephen Miller’s press conferences and interviews serve to harm Donald Trump in the eyes of actual humans, Miller more than makes up for it in a strategic sense by throwing raw meat to the racist bottom feeders who support Trump. But one top former Trump White House official is now telling Yahoo News that sending Miller out to do press is always a net-negative for Trump, because Miller is an “absolute disaster.” Another former White House official says Miller’s appearances are “counterproductive.”

This would seem to dismantle the conventional wisdom that these horrid interviews by lowlifes like Stephen Miller are somehow working in Donald Trump’s favor. Even the White House insiders – or at least the two quoted here – seem to understand that a president can only succeed by finding a way to reach some of the people in the middle.

The trouble is, Donald Trump – ever the toxic narcissist – has zero concept of what’s good for his own administration. He sends his people out to do press conferences and interviews with the expectation that they’ll publicly kiss his butt and emphatically repeat his lies. Things like competence, messaging, or how these advisers will be viewed by the American mainstream, are irrelevant to him. It’s why Trump keeps sending a subhuman punchline like Stephen Miller out there, no matter how badly it keeps backfiring on him.