Republican State Senator finds himself in an ugly mess for telling the truth about Donald Trump

Yesterday, Republican State Senator John McCollister of Nebraska gained significant notoriety for calling it like it is. He accused his own Republican Party, along with Donald Trump, of “enabling white supremacy in our country” as a means to a political end. McCollister received widespread praise for speaking up – but now he’s found himself in an ugly mess over it.

After John McCollister tweeted his missive yesterday, Palmer Report congratulated him for it, but added that “sadly, the most likely result of McCollister’s bold stand is that he ends up leaving the GOP in disgust.” Now it looks like he may be on that path already, and perhaps not by choice.

Nebraska Republican Party Executive Director Ryan Hamilton announced last night that he’s calling on State Senator John McCollister to leave the Republican Party. Hamilton went so far as to obnoxiously offer to send McCollister a change of voter registration form. The whole thing didn’t go over particularly well. When the Nebraska GOP tweeted a copy of Hamilton’s letter, it received about eight times as many negative comments as likes – never a good sign on Twitter.

But that’s nonetheless where we are as a country right now. The Republican Party is doubling down more than ever on divisiveness and extremism, in the hope of driving a minority of the country to the polls in disproportionately large numbers, so as to outnumber the majority. The only way to break that cycle is for mainstream Americans to turn out and vote Democrat in larger numbers than ever. Short of that, the GOP and the bottom-feeding one-third of the country will continue to paradoxically reign over us.

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