Donald Trump is in a state of total confusion

On Thursday, Donald Trump announced that he was officially “moving” from New York to Florida, as he continues to make moves over the past week which suggest that he’s flat broke and in the midst of a financial panic. But after what transpired on Friday, we’re left to wonder if Trump even knows one state from another.

On Friday night, Donald Trump accused Joe Biden of having lost a step. That’s rich considering Trump was speaking at a rally in Mississippi at the time, after having tweeted this earlier in the day: “Louisiana, I’ll see you tonight.”

That’s right, the idiot didn’t even know what state he was going to. This kind of thing would be understandable if he were in full campaign mode, going from one new city to the next each day. But Trump is doing nothing of the sort. He sits around the White House watching Fox News all day, tweets horrible things, plays golf, and – on rare occasion – takes a trip to a red state so he can hold a deranged rally and pocket the donations.

Of course in Donald Trump’s mind, there’s no difference between Mississippi and Louisiana anyway. They’re the kind of southern red states that Trump thinks are a joke, even as he disingenuously courts their votes by playing to their worst instincts. These are the first states that should be voting this guy out of office. Back in New York, where the locals know Trump the best and the longest, they’re celebrating the fact that he’s no longer officially a resident.

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