State attorney reveals Alexander Acosta’s true role in sabotaging the original Jeffrey Epstein criminal case

Earlier today, Donald Trump’s Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta addressed reporters and tried to explain his role in letting Jeffrey Epstein off the hook for child rape charges a decade ago. Acosta’s strategy largely consisted of painting himself as the hero who was trying to nail Epstein, while blaming state attorneys in Florida for the fact that Epstein ultimately got such a light sentence.

After Acosta spoke, Palmer Report pointed out that regardless of whether state attorneys handled the state-level charges against Epstein properly, the reality is that Acosta still could have brought any federal charges he wanted against Epstein. Sure enough, the state attorney involved is firing back with precisely this explanation, while also confirming Acosta’s role in sabotaging the case against Epstein.

Former Palm Beach State Attorney Barry Krischer is telling NBC News this evening that “no matter how my office resolved the state charges, the U.S. Attorney’s Office always had the ability to file its own federal charges.” To be clear, Alexander Acosta was the U.S. Attorney for the Palm Beach area at the time.

But Krischer took things even further, revealing that there was a fifty-three page indictment against Jeffrey Epstein ready to go, until Acosta secretly met with Epstein’s lawyers to cut the lenient deal. This means that Acosta didn’t just go out of his way to go easy on Epstein at the federal level, he went out of his way to prevent the state from going hard on Epstein.

At this point the question isn’t merely why Alexander Acosta went to such preposterous lengths to protect Jeffrey Epstein. The question is why Donald Trump then rewarded Acosta with a cabinet position after he got Trump’s friend Epstein off the hook, and why Trump is still covering for Acosta.

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