Startling revelation leaks from Jeffrey Epstein autopsy report

Yesterday afternoon, Palmer Report pointed out that there was something potentially suspicious about how long it was taking for the results of Donald Trump’s friend Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy to be publicly released. If the results of the autopsy conducted over the weekend were non-controversial in nature, it stood to reason that the report would have been released by now. Now a key detail from the autopsy has leaked, and sure enough, it suggests foul play.

It turns out one of Jeffrey Epstein’s neck bones was broken in a manner which is more likely a result of strangulation than hanging, according to a startling leak to the Washington Post late last night. This doesn’t prove Epstein was murdered, as it’s possible for Epstein to have broken this bone by hanging himself; it’s just unlikely.

At the least, this means that Epstein’s death will have to be investigated as a potential homicide. It also adds new context to something that Palmer Report flagged as suspicious earlier this week: two overnight guards who were supposed to be watching Epstein were both asleep at the time of his death, according to the New York Times. If the guards were sleeping on the job out of mere negligence, why would they both sleep at the same time? Wouldn’t they have slept in shifts so one of them could have kept a lookout for the boss?

In any case, if Jeffrey Epstein was strangled, as this autopsy leak suggests, it would mean that the killer went so far as to stage Epstein’s suicide. Anyone who has so much as watched a CSI episode knows that coroners can see right through this kind of ploy. So if someone did stage this, then they must be pretty stupid to think they wouldn’t get caught.

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