Stacey Abrams is absolutely right about this

Now that we are seeing great strides being made on infrastructure, despite a year’s worth of drama built up around party infighting and dooming over whether it would never come to be, it’s fair to say that we can expect the media to drive a similar narrative over voting rights being in imminent peril throughout 2022, despite every Democrat in Congress knowing that they need it to pass if they want to be re-elected next year and beyond.

The good news is that the case for voting rights legislation passing just got a major boost from Stacey Abrams, who is running again for governor of Georgia and set up the groundwork last year to help both President Biden and Sen. Raphael Warnock respectively win the state.

Of course, Abrams has no illusions that this process won’t take some time to get right, as it will likely pass with just having all 50 Senate Democrats on board and Vice President Harris to cast her tie breaking vote.


As states continue to propose redistricted maps through January for upcoming congressional elections, Abrams suspects there will be a continuous uptick in voter suppression laws and heavily gerrymandered maps, making the issue more critical and making voters more attentive to the situation – particularly as the timing will inevitably coincide with new findings from the Jan 6 committee. This doesn’t mean the pathway to voting rights will automatically be easy – but it gives a clear message on what the Democratic Party stands for as America heads into the year of a critical midterm election.

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