Nancy Pelosi slam dunks Donald Trump after he has another meltdown about being a “stable genius”

When Donald Trump’s behavior became so erratic last year that the public began loudly questioning his mental health and cognitive abilities, he preposterously declared that he’s a “very stable genius.” One year and one thousand punchlines later, Trump is now behaving more mentally incompetent than ever, prompting Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to declare this morning that Trump is “unwell” and that he should consider taking a “leave of absence.”

Donald Trump responded just now by speaking to a group of reporters and declaring that he’s an “extremely stable genius.” No, this isn’t some outdated headline. He really did say it again today. Except this time he’s gone from being “very stable” to being “extremely stable” – as if that extra bit of hyperbole is going to convince the public that he’s mentally competent after all. Trump also claimed that Nancy Pelosi is a “mess,” which isn’t exactly the most creative of insults.

Nancy Pelosi fired back on Twitter, stating that “When the ‘extremely stable genius’ starts acting more presidential, I’ll be happy to work with him on infrastructure, trade and other issues.” It’s clear that Pelosi is fine with getting into an escalating war of words with Donald Trump. That kind of thing usually drives down both people’s approval ratings. But Pelosi ostensibly doesn’t care about her own approval rating, and she knows that the majority of Americans are going to side with her anyway.

The point of goading Donald Trump like this, of course, is to get him to speak and behave in such a dangerously insane manner that even the average nonpolitical person sitting at home ends up concluding that he’s got to go. Nancy Pelosi appears to be aiming much higher than merely impeaching Trump right now, which would weaken but not oust him; she seems intent on finding a way to actually oust him.

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