Reporter claims he’s spotted Melania Trump

Nearly a month into Melania Trump’s surreal and scandalous vanishing act, the public is asking questions more loudly than ever about where she’s disappeared to, and why she disappeared, and why the White House is working so hard to dishonestly cover it all up. Now one reporter is claiming that he’s spotted Melania after all, and that he wasn’t the only one who saw her.

CNBC reporter Eamon Javers has tweeted this: “I did see her here with her aides and Secret Service agents, but it was in an area of the West Wing where we are not allowed to take pictures. It’s a high security environment!” When his followers began asking questions, he explained that he was about ten feet from her. When someone asked if he was the only one who saw her, he replied “no.” He did not specify precisely when he saw her. After more questions, he confirmed that his NBC colleague Kristen Welker was also there, while not naming any other names. If anything, this makes things even stranger.

We have no reason to disbelieve Javers, and we can’t imagine a CNBC reporter pretending to have spotted Melania when he didn’t. So let’s take him at his word. But this would mean that multiple members of the media have seen Melania in the White House, and none of them have been willing to publicly say so. If they’re covering this up on her behalf, are they covering up other aspects of her vanishing act story?

In any case, the Trump administration announced this evening that Melania Trump will not attend the G7 Summit and North Korea meeting later this month. It then announced that she will attend a Gold Star ceremony at the White House tomorrow evening, but that it will be conveniently closed to reporters. So how are we supposed to know whether or not she actually ends up attending? This keeps getting weirder.

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