“Spit on Trump” – Vladimir Putin goes nuclear against his longtime puppet Donald Trump

Yesterday, as the sudden and escalating feud continued to play out between Donald Trump and his puppet master Vladimir Putin, Palmer Report pointed out that Putin had taken things too far for any of it to merely be a choreographed distraction. Now Putin has taken things even further, by proxy, and it’s turned truly ugly. So what’s going on here, and what’s likely to come of it?

It all started when Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Michael Cohen teamed up to expose Donald Trump’s role in the Trump Tower Moscow election plot. Immediately thereafter, Trump announced that he was canceling his planned one-on-one G20 meeting with Putin, and he used Russia’s renewed military aggression against Ukraine as an excuse. Putin then snubbed Trump at the G20 by walking past him and high fiving the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Then Putin had his spokesperson publicly accuse Trump of having canceled the meeting due to the worsening Trump-Russia scandal back home. Things went further south today. Much further south.

One of Putin’s puppet political pundits is now saying that Russia “should spit on Trump and the United States.” To be clear, this pundit wouldn’t be saying this unless Putin told him to say it. So why is this happening?

We believe Putin is trying to accomplish two things here. First, he’s given up on his original goal of getting multibillion dollar sanctions relief out of Donald Trump, which is clearly never going to happen, and he’s now settling for Plan B, which is to simply damage Trump in a manner which will leave the United States and the West in chaos. Second, Putin is trying to convince his own people that the Trump-Russia scandal is all Trump’s fault, in the hope that Putin will remain insulated from it when Trump meets his downfall.

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