Donald Trump is spiraling out of control

Clearly, “president” Donald Trump came up with his ridiculous executive order and memoranda in a desperate attempt to score points for reelection. It won’t work. Trump continues to create controversy, which is nothing new. According to NBC News, some of his allies cautioned Trump that his drastic move may not work. Trump will lose in the end when it does not pan out — and it won’t. Brendan Buck, Republican communications strategist and former adviser to Paul Ryan, cautioned: “If these executive orders don’t really solve the economic crisis, and I doubt they will, then it will only end up hurting him in the long run.” It seems that everyone knew this except Trump.

Trump’s “yes men” try to paint a different picture, which, not surprisingly, included pulling Joe Biden into the fray. Trump surrogate Tim Murtaugh took to social media to proclaim: “Congress failed to act and Joe Biden’s allies prevented people from getting their unemployment benefits extended.” Perhaps statements such as this might work on die-hard Trump supporters, but he already has those votes. Likely, none of Trump’s supporters realize that his payroll tax cut will result in a “balloon payment” once it ends, and there is still no relief for the unemployed, who most need help. Trying to blame this on Joe Biden is both ludicrous and ridiculous, and Joe Biden is not paying Trump any attention anyway. He has forged ahead with his running mate choice, Kamala Harris.

NBC News announced that Biden had already put together his vice-president’s team in preparation for the big announcement. Using his experience in the vice-presidential role as a springboard, Biden chose teammates for Harris who he believes best fit this moment. Karine Jean-Pierre will be Harris’ Chief of Staff. Liz Allen, now a managing director at Glover Park Group, will be Harris’ communications director.

Joining then is Sheila Nix — former chief of staff to Biden during the 2012 reelection campaign and after the election, chief of staff to Jill Biden—will serve as a senior adviser to Harris and her husband, Douglas Emhoff. Nix has also been heavily involved in voter turnout initiatives. Ryan Montoya, chief technology officer for the Sacramento Kings, will serve as director of scheduling and advance, and Evan Glover, who has been a part of Biden’s campaign for the past year plus, will be the director of scheduling. Rounding out the team, Amanda Perez, former policy director for Cory Booker, will serve as policy adviser, and Amijah Townsend-Holmes will serve as press assistant. As of this announcement, Harris also has likely already been assigned a Secret Service detail. The race now begins in earnest.

This information raises excitement in preparation for November. Not only has Biden chosen a black/Indian woman, but her husband is Jewish. This will be an extremely diverse team, which should generate excitement. Biden continues to show his calm, methodical approach to his bid for the White House. Should he succeed, we can look forward to four years of peace, calm, and a regular man and woman in the White House instead of a clown and his puppet.

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