Donald Trump is spiraling completely out of control

Chaos, defined simply, is complete disorder and confusion. Synonyms for the word are more clear: disorder, disarray, disorganization, confusion, mayhem, madness, and havoc, to name a few, and define “President” Donald Trump so well that it’s a wonder his picture isn’t next to them. The Supreme Court has clearly ruled that Trump’s racist, unnecessary census question is not to be included. As one who apparently cannot take “no” as an answer, Trump has stirred up more chaos by tweeting that the Justice Department is “working over the holiday to resolve the issue.” There’s nothing to resolve; the Court said “no.” What part of “no” does he not get?

Besides going against a ruling that has already been made, he is frustrating the hell out of Judge George Hazel, who made the DOJ’s Joshua Gardner appear via telephone conference to explain just what the hell is going on. According to CNN, Gardner had to admit that he was clueless, making him look bad before the judge. Trump doesn’t give a damn whose reputation he tarnishes, and that is exactly what he’s doing with Gardner, who told the court that he is “doing my absolute best to figure out what’s going on.” This is not only sad, it’s extremely embarrassing for Gardner, who had to apologize to the court for something he didn’t do. He told Judge Hazel that he has been with the Justice Department for 16 years with multiple administrations. He further said, “I’ve always endeavored to be as candid as possible with the court.” Trump, on the other hand, is never candid and he doesn’t care one bit that he is making a career Justice attorney appear that he is also a liar.

What’s driving Trump’s sudden turnaround? You can probably guess: conservative talking heads. Hugh Hewitt recently tweeted that the decision in this case “would be one of the biggest legal defeats of the Trump presidency.” Trump immediately jumped to action, just as he did with talking heads who criticized his inability to build the wall. The burning question here is who’s running this country, Trump or conservative radio hosts? This is despicable. These people know absolutely nothing about running a country and how sides have to compromise to accomplish goals for the people. Likely, they don’t care. Worse, Trump listens to them. How ridiculous is this? He should be surrounded by knowledgeable advisors who can help him navigate these issues, but he can’t keep anyone — knowledgeable or otherwise — employed long enough to take advantage of anything they might add. Instead, he listens to his daughter and son-in-law, who also have no experience, and a bunch of people who are paid to create controversy and division.

Donald Trump continues to display his unfitness for office. He panders to a small part of America that is unfeeling and uncaring about the plight of others. That type of behavior is not what God intended for us, yet the vast majority of his supporters call themselves “Christians.” Trump has no respect for the rule of law or the very office he holds. He continues to be a stain on American civility.

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