Donald Trump’s speech was even more of a disaster than we thought

Last week Donald Trump gave a much-hyped prime time Oval Office speech about his devastating government shutdown and his imaginary border wall. It was lifeless, pointless, and full of the same old lies he’s been telling all along. Palmer Report predicted that it wouldn’t change anyone’s mind. Now we have real world numbers demonstrating just how little of an impact it had.

New polling data from Quinnipiac reveals that just two percent of Americans changed their mind about the border wall as a result of Donald Trump’s speech. Congressman Ted Lieu was then kind enough to point out that “The 2% is within the margin of error. So the actual result could be 0%.”

So yeah, no one’s mind was changed at all. The speech itself, which covered no new ground that hadn’t already been repeatedly trotted out into the public discourse, made that clear. But really, we knew that before the speech even took place. When a president gives a last ditch Oval Office speech about a partisan battle that he’s already lost, it never changes any minds. Even competent, legitimate presidents haven’t been able to pull off that trick.

For that matter, just as Palmer Report predicted, it’s been nearly a week and Donald Trump still hasn’t tried to declare a national emergency over his border wall. Such a move wouldn’t get him the money or the land he would need to build a wall, and the courts would immediately shut it down anyway. Let’s all keep this in mind the next time the pundits are hyping up a doomsday scenario that isn’t even a real thing.