Donald Trump’s Space Force crashes and burns

So many officials resigned from Donald Trump’s failing regime last week, it’s taken a minute to sort out the meaning and impact of each of the rats leaving the sinking ship. One of those departures was Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson, which went largely unnoticed, perhaps because the average American doesn’t even know there’s a Secretary of the Air Force. But this move spells bad news for one of Trump’s biggest pipe dreams.

What is Space Force? No one knows. That’s partly because Donald Trump can’t come close to articulating what Space Force is supposed to do, and partly because – like his imaginary border wall and so many other of his nonsensical ideas – there is no tangible evidence that the Space Force concept is being advanced in any way. We do know, however, that Heather Wilson was in charge of the imaginary Space Force.

Donald Trump just released an imaginary budget that includes major funding for Space Force, which helps put Secretary Wilson’s abrupt resignation in context. Trump desperately wants to move ahead with Space Force – or more accurately he wants to allocate billions of dollars for the imaginary project and then shove the money into his friends’ pockets – and she apparently wanted nothing to do with the scam.


So yeah, maybe now Donald Trump can find someone more corrupt to be his new Secretary of the Air Force, or his new acting Secretary of the Air Force, since he no longer believes in bothering to get Senate confirmation for these positions. But the reality is that the person in charge of the imaginary Space Force just resigned. That’s never a good sign when it comes to trying to dupe the public into believing that an imaginary project needs to be well funded.

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