We told you the media’s sourcing for the “Robert Mueller isn’t indicting anyone else” story was crap

When a report surfaced from ABC News earlier this week which claimed Robert Mueller isn’t planning to indict anyone else, Palmer Report pointed out two problems with the story. First, this could simply mean that he’s handing off additional indictments to SDNY and other federal prosecutors. Second, Team Trump has a recent history of planting these kinds of stories, and convincing the media to pass them off as having come from “sources familiar with the investigation.” We didn’t know how right we were.

Today, NBC News and others are also pushing the narrative about Robert Mueller not indicting anyone else, and they’re flat out admitting that their source is Rudy Giuliani. Seriously? RUDY GIULIANI? First of all, the guy lies constantly, and therefore isn’t a reliable source for anything. Second, how would Rudy, of all people, know what Mueller is about to do?

This comes after a similar major media story last month claimed that Robert Mueller would be done with his investigation within a week. This was obviously a false story, and in hindsight, you have to wonder if Rudy Giuliani was the media’s “source” for this story as well.

The other half of today’s prevailing media narrative is that Robert Mueller could turn in his report today. We have no idea if this is true. But if the media is also getting this story from Rudy Giuliani, then suffice it to say: consider the source.