Donald Trump sounds half dead during his latest disastrous press conference

Three minutes into his coronavirus press conference today, Donald Trump already seemed to be short of breath. Trump was attempting to run through a list of bragging points, but it ended up being more akin to lumbering. The guy just doesn’t sound well at all – physically or psychologically.

Five minutes into today’s press conference, Trump began rambling about how he was surprised to learn that the Olympics is generally held in an even numbered year. Ten minutes in, he said this: “it’s a very beautiful building, to me actually, one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.” Fifteen minutes in, Trump was randomly accusing European nations of playing games against the United States.

In fairness to a lazy bum like Donald Trump, the two hours he wastes each day on these awful press conferences is probably the most work he’s ever done in his worthless life. But he doesn’t sound well – at all.

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