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Donald Trump, traitor, insurrectionist, jerk, and all-around sociopath is now fuming about the CNN town hall he did. Or should I simply call it a MAGA rally? Because that’s really what it was. Trump blames Kaitlin Collins for all the bad press this non-town hall is getting. Taking to truth-social, Trump proceeded to tear into Collins.

She’s not precisely Barbara Walters, Trump posted cattily, adding that Collins had a poor performance. Trump had much less of an audience than he’s gotten in the past, and fewer people tuned into his town hall than Joe Biden’s. Three Million people might SOUND like a lot, but it really isn’t so much, considering what Trump was capable of producing in the past.

It is difficult to believe sometimes, as I study these posts by a ranting and raving lunatic to believe anyone in this country would ever vote for him at all. Trump’s tweets are becoming increasingly misogynistic, as these posts, as well as his insane Mother’s Day posts, prove.

Trump has never liked, respected, or understood women. In his mind, it seems women are there to be derided, sneered at, and used as arm candy. His inability to control himself on Truth Social is likely going to cost him.

I say this because of the upcoming indictments – the ones that have yet to happen. And one of them (The Georgia indictment) if it comes, will come from a woman. Trump’s rage will be something to see. Among all the traitor’s vices is his inability to control his temper and emotions in general.

Anger is his normal state of mind, and his anger continues to bring him down. Anger’s not an attractive emotion under the best of circumstances, but as it relates to Trump, it is particularly repelling.

Although Trump readily insults almost everyone; his biggest target appears to be women. If one looks at his tweets, the ones directed toward the female always seem to be particularly vile.

Misogyny is often formed early in life, and in the world of psychotherapy, many say it develops because of trauma from a female they once trusted.

Given Trump’s past, as written about with expertise by Mary Trump, it would seem to fit the pattern here. In addition, Psychology Today offers warning signs that one is dealing with a misogynist. There are a dozen signs to look out for. Donald Trump has all of them.

Some of these signs include zeroing in on a certain woman to target for his abuse, displaying “Jekyll and Hyde” personality traits, and displaying grandiose, cocky, and self-centered behavior when with women.

Sound like anyone we know? So as we move forward toward indictment number 2 (and hopefully 3 and 4), Trump’s rants are likely to get even more out of control, more blistering, especially toward women. Women — his arch-enemy, his madness, and his ultimate nemesis.


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