As coronavirus continues to rage out of control in the U.S., “president” Donald Trump continues to rage in the White House. It is difficult to imagine Trump doing even more harm than he has already done in his four years in office, but one might think that he is trying to extract his revenge on the American people. The current coronavirus numbers are staggering. At last count, more than 246,000 Americans have succumbed to the disease. The Midwest is being hit particularly hard. There is no other way to combat this virus than together, but Trump refuses to do that. According to the New York Times, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who appeared with Jake Tapper on State of the Union Sunday, said that Donald Trump has forbidden his task force from communicating with President-elect Biden’s task force.

Dr. Fauci told Tapper that a smooth transition on the virus “is in the best interest of protecting public health” and that it would “be better if we could start working with them.” Trump has steadfastly refused, American lives at stake notwithstanding. When Tapper asked Fauci how history will remember this administration’s handling of the pandemic, he responded: “Obviously it’s not going to be a good report because of the extent of suffering that we’ve had.” Fauci cares about that suffering while Donald Trump does not. Fauci did, however, temper that response with the fact that many Americans see following guidelines as trampling on their freedoms, but had anyone else had been in power, things might be different. It does not help that, according to Fauci, Trump has not attended a task force meeting “in months.”

Tapper asked Fauci what he thought about Biden’s choice of Ron Klain as his chief of staff. Dr. Fauci praised the choice, calling Klain “absolutely terrific” during his time as “Ebola czar” during the Obama administration. Dr. Fauci also expressed “cautious optimism” in Pfizer’s vaccine and said that it will not be “until the second or third quarter” of 2021 that America might return to normal. To accomplish that, Americans must continue to avoid large gatherings, practice social distancing, and wear masks even after the vaccine is available. Fauci said, “It’s not like a light switch,” and it is going to take a bit of time.

While Trump refused to tell the American people the truth, Dr. Fauci gives us reality, and that is what we need if we are ever going to move past coronavirus. Now, if only Trump will give up his frivolous lawsuits and concede, we can at least begin the process of returning to normal as far as governing our country is concerned. His continued practice of ignoring the virus while focusing on an election he has lost is standard Trump. Instead of applauding Pfizer and the FDA, he prefers to display his anger at losing. That is Donald Trump for you: Screw all of us; it is all about him. Not for much longer, Donnie, not much longer at all. We withstood four years of you; we can certainly make it two more months. Then, you will be a distant, bad memory.

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