Donald Trump turns his sore loser antics against his own Republican Party

Donald Trump has literally zero chance of somehow magically overturning the election, and at this point even he seems to know it. His allies in Congress can stomp their feet all they want, but they can’t prevent President Biden from being sworn in on January 20th.

So how is Trump handling the news? He’s now decided that the Republicans are his biggest enemy. He’s vowing to veto the military budget, which would force the Republicans to override his veto, because they can’t be seen as defunding the military. But now Trump is insisting on Twitter that the military budget is somehow a Chinese conspiracy against the United States. So once House and Senate Republicans override his veto, he’ll apparently accuse them of conspiring with China.


None of this makes any sense, even as a villain strategy. But at this point Donald Trump is so crippled and powerless, he’s only able to lash out at those closest to him, so he’s reduced to antagonizing his own party on his way down.

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