Something’s brewing inside the White House right now

Donald Trump and his top underlings have had a rough seventy-two hours to say the least. Trump’s failed G7 Doral grift, and Mick Mulvaney’s confession that Trump is guilty in the Ukraine scandal, have both prompted an incremental number of additional Republicans in Congress to reluctantly distance themselves from Trump’s sinking ship. We’re not quite sure what they’re doing in response, but something has been brewing in the White House this weekend.

Trump didn’t go golfing yesterday or today, according to NBC News. He didn’t go anywhere else either. Instead the White House called an early lid this morning, which meant that no more news of any kind was going to surface for the rest of the day. It’s been raining in the Washington DC area today, but the weather was just fine yesterday.

Nothing gets in the way of Trump’s golf game. Even when he’s in a particularly sullen mood, he still goes golfing, because (other than holding his Klan rallies) it’s the only thing he still seems to enjoy. For him to have stayed home these past two days, something has to be brewing inside the White House. Throw in the fact that Trump’s handlers decided to send reporters packing for the day at 10am today, and … something’s going on.

Much as we hate to be vague, we don’t have a clue what might specifically be playing out right now. Mick Mulvaney went on TV this morning and made a last ditch effort at saving his job. It was a disaster, but we don’t know if Trump will see it that way. There’s also the fact that Nancy Pelosi is overseas trying to fix Trump’s Syria mess right now, which may be serving as a wake-up to Trump about just how perilous his position is.

Whatever the reason may be, Donald Trump didn’t take a pass on playing golf this weekend for nothing. With everything falling apart for him in real time, he’s got to be hunkered down with his remaining loyalists and plotting something right now. We expect it’ll end up being every bit as ludicrous and incompetent as the last several swings and misses Trump has attempted. But considering how badly things are going for him right now, he’s running out of swings.

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