Something is terribly, terribly wrong – and Donald Trump knows it

It’s always tricky when you take Donald Trump’s thoughts and actions, and try to translate them into the rational non-deranged world. That said, for all his erraticism, Trump’s behavior can often be predictable and telling. For instance, while his tweets are usually frantic in nature, whenever the volume of his tweets explodes on any given day, we end up learning that Trump knew something really bad was about to surface about him or happen to him.

That brings us to yesterday. Donald Trump posted roughly thirty tweets and retweets in one day, which might be a single-day record for him. More notably, as the day went on, his tweeting became more frequent and urgent, when the opposite is usually true. By the end of the day, Trump was essentially dumpster diving for anything he could retweet that was in his favor, no matter how ridiculous.

Something is terribly wrong here, and Trump either learned it or figured it out during the course of the day yesterday. Something had him even more desperate for positive reinforcement than usual, as if he had to post those ridiculous retweets last night in the hope of convincing himself that things were going to be okay for him. The question of course is what set Trump off.

During the course of yesterday we saw the House Judiciary Committee subpoena Donald Trump’s former White House Counsel Don McGahn, who is arguably the best witness to Trump’s felony obstruction of justice. We also saw House Democrats talk more openly about the possibility of impeachment. Maybe this was what got to Trump, or maybe he learned something that the rest of us don’t know about yet. Either way, Trump clearly thinks things have gone terribly wrong for him – and he’s correct about that.

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