Robert Mueller is about to drop something huge

Trump-Russia investigation, oh how we’ve missed you. In the several weeks since Robert Mueller cut a plea deal with Michael Flynn, we’ve seen Mueller go remarkably silent, surely working on his biggest moves in the investigation, but certainly not telling any of us what he had planned. Things have since leaked out piecemeal, but it’s mostly been a trickle. Now all the sudden we’re getting hit with a firehose of major Trump-Russia developments, all of them with Mueller’s fingerprints on them, and it’s clear he’s about to drop a bombshell.

It began last night when it was reported that Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions had unsuccessfully asked FBI Director Christopher Wray to fire FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe (link). This meant Mueller had Trump and Sessions nailed for yet another instance of obstruction of justice, and that he finally had Sessions nailed for obstruction as well. But was this leak mere happenstance? No, as it turns out, because today we learned that Mueller interviewed Sessions for several hours last week (link).

Why is all of this information suddenly surfacing now? Because Robert Mueller wants it to. How do we know this? It also leaked today that Mueller interviewed former FBI Director James Comey last year about Trump’s obstruction antics (link). Comey would never have leaked this without Mueller’s approval, and they would have been the only two who knew about such a secret interview. So it’s clear Mueller wants the Comey interview news out there today, which means it’s fair to conclude that he’s also behind the Wray and Sessions news today. But why?


Robert Mueller is about to drop something huge. He wants these details about Donald Trump, Wray, McCabe, Comey and Sessions out there in the public view before he makes his big move. What is it? We don’t know yet. But by putting all of this information out there, he may have just scared Trump out of giving him a voluntary interview, and he may have just spooked Trump into firing Sessions. Why would Mueller want these things to happen? He’s clearly playing a game here that the rest of us aren’t privy to. The only thing he’s telegraphing is that whatever his big move is, it’s about to happen.

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