Something doesn’t add up about Michael Cohen’s re-arrest

Whether or not you think Michael Cohen should have been let out of prison on house arrest to begin with, it’s becoming increasingly clear that something stinks about his recent re-arrest. We’ve already seen reports that Cohen was told he’d have to agree not to release his tell-all book about Donald Trump if he wanted to remain out of prison. Now things have gotten even more curious.

CNN is now reporting that before Bureau of Prison officials in New York arrested Michael Cohen last week, they were in contact with higher-ups at the DOJ. It’s not entirely clear who those higher-ups were, and of course the BOP and DOJ are insisting that nothing underhanded transpired. But it’s pretty clear that something is wrong here.


We continue to expect Michael Cohen to challenge his arrest in court, in the hope of convincing a judge that he was unfairly targeted by Donald Trump’s DOJ for daring to write a Trump tell-all book. Meanwhile, Cohen recently tweeted that his book was nearly done, and would be ready for release in September. There’s still reason to expect that’ll happen.

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