The real reason Donald Trump staged his White House crapfest today with his social media sycophants

The majority of reporters at the majority of media outlets have spent the past few years accurately reporting that Donald Trump is an erratic deranged criminal, and naturally, Trump doesn’t like that very much. The only people with any significant online presence who are on his side are the far-right social media personalities who repeat and amplify his lies in order to gain favor with him.

Trump decided to hold a White House event that was asinine even by his usual standards. He held a private meeting with his deranged social media sycophants. Then he had them sit in the front row of the White House lawn, with the real media forced to sit behind them, as Trump told lie after lie about how the social media platforms are supposedly discriminating against his piece of crap pals. This was horrifying, and it alone was grounds for the 25th Amendment. But the real reason Trump staged this crapfest was because he was covering for something else.

People tuned in for Trump’s disturbing lovefest with his disgusting social media allies, for the same reason people can’t look away from a train wreck. That was the point, of course. Not a single person outside Trump’s monstrous base was remotely impressed by this stunt – but they didn’t have to be. The sheer rubber room level of insanity on display today was enough to ensure that the event would get the majority of the headlines tonight and tomorrow. This distraction allowed Trump to quietly let it be known to ABC News that he’s finally giving up on his failed fight over the 2020 census, which is what this was about all along.

When the Supreme Court ruled against Donald Trump weeks ago, he more or less lost the census battle right then and there. When his own Department of Commerce publicly confirmed days ago that it wasn’t logistically possible for Trump to re-litigate the census battle before the deadline, Trump totally lost. He couldn’t accept being seen as a loser, so he had his DOJ humiliate itself in court these past few days, to buy him time to slap together today’s social media psychopath convention. It was just the distraction he needed, so when he caved on the census, few people would notice.

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