So this is how it begins

Right now there’s controversy surrounding Joe Biden – at least in the eyes of the media and in the eyes of progressive Twitter pundits – because he hasn’t yet managed to make all of his campaign promises happen. Nevermind that he’s only been in office for six weeks; he should have waved a magic wand by now!

Meanwhile there’s also controversy surrounding Donald Trump, and by “controversy” we mean advancing criminal cases that are now competing with each other to see which of them can take him down first. New York is looking to flip the Trump Organization CFO against Donald Trump, which would all but guarantee conviction. Georgia is taking its criminal case against Trump to the grand jury this week.

So this is how it begins. Joe Biden is now being held to impossibly high standards, in a sign that we’re rapidly returning to the Obama era in which nothing was ever good enough, no matter how good. And Donald Trump is now finally being held accountable for his lifetime of crime.


Meanwhile Biden now has an approval rating in the sixties, whereas Trump never could get much above forty. There couldn’t be much greater difference between these two Presidents. Their numbers show it. So does the fact that Biden is heading into broad popularity, while Trump is on the verge of losing everything. If only Trump had been held to the high standard while he was in office that Biden is being held to now.

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