So that just blew up in GOP Senator Ron Johnson’s face

Ron Johnson, U.S. Senator from Wisconsin and obvious Russian shill, finally released his politically motivated report that he warned would get to the bottom of Burisma. If he were someone who had any sense of shame or self-awareness, he’d probably be wanting to walk it all back. Not only is the report a big nothing burger, it actually further reinforces the fact that Donald Trump deserved to be impeached back in February and that enablers like Johnson ultimately failed America by refusing to convict.

Republicans like Johnson hailed George Kent as their star witness in the investigation, but the trouble is that he knocks down just about every claim they set out to prove. First, he shot down the idea that Burisma was protected from any investigation, that efforts to fire the Ukrainian prosecutor involved were unrelated to stopping an investigation into Burisma, and that Ukraine wanted the prosecutor fired as part of a crackdown on corruption – Hunter Biden played no part in this.

In short, Kent offered nothing new to the probe that he hadn’t already given in his testimony during Donald Trump’s impeachment and further reinforced the notion that using aid as leverage had nothing to do with the Bidens – and originated with policymakers involved in U.S.-Ukraine relations.

Joe Biden’s name barely appears in the 87-page report for a reason – there’s very little about it concerning him, and the report even admits that it failed to find anything supporting its central claim. Trump and the GOP sought to find proof that Biden used a position of power for personal gain, but that’s exactly what they did by commissioning this investigation. For this reason alone, we need to remove them from power by November 3.

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