So Rudy Giuliani really is going to prison

Last week the news surfaced that a federal grand jury had subpoenaed Rudy Giuliani’s associates for all of their communications and records involving him, while listing off a boatload of criminal charges in th subpoena. This was an unmistakable sign that the grand jury was targeting Rudy for criminal indictment. The only question was going to be whether the grand jury could get what it needed.

The grand jury is definitely going to indict Rudy Giuliani, and he’ll definitely be arrested. But would the case end up being such a slam dunk that a conviction was guaranteed? Would the whole thing become so ugly that Donald Trump would end up being too afraid to take the risk of pardoning Rudy? What if all of Rudy Giuliani’s associates decided to defy the subpoena and refuse to turn over anything, and the indictment ended up being a weak one?

That all changed today when Adam Schiff and the House Intelligence Committee revealed that AT&T and Verizon gave them phone records establishing Rudy Giuliani’s deep coordination with the Trump administration when it came to the various Ukraine extortion scandal antics that were being carried out. If the cellular companies were willing to give these phone records to the House, then they’ve certainly given them to the SDNY as well – along with Rudy’s other incriminating phone records that go beyond the scope of the impeachment inquiry. These records will be put in front of the grand jury if they haven’t already, and the indictment against Rudy will be based partly on them.

This ensures three things. First, the criminal case against Rudy Giuliani will be such a slam dunk, he’s looking at a near-guaranteed conviction. Second, Donald Trump will now have a very difficult time pardoning Rudy without painting himself as being overwhelmingly guilty, and risking driving up impeachment poll numbers in the process. Third, with this kind of overwhelming evidence, it’ll be easy for New York to indict and convict Rudy on state charges if Trump does pardon him on federal charges. In other words, Rudy really is going to prison – and at his age he’s likely going for the rest of his life.

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