So much for the notion that Lindsey Graham was simply auditioning for the Attorney General job

Back when moderately conservative but plenty reasonable Republican Senator Lindsey Graham first transformed overnight into a cartoon shill for Donald Trump, various observers asked if perhaps Graham was simply trying to convince Trump to give him the Attorney General job, if Jeff Sessions is ousted. This didn’t make a whole lot of sense at the time โ€“ but after listening to what Graham is now saying, that’s not even a remotely plausible explanation. There is clearly more to this.

Why would Lindsey Graham want to give up his influential position in the Senate, which he could keep for the next fifteen years, just to take a temp job in a failing presidential administration that may not exist in six months? This notion never made much sense, unless there was more to it. That was before Graham started acting far more erratically and self destructively than would have been necessary in order to audition for the job. Then came the past twenty-four hours.

Let’s say that Lindsey Graham really was just putting on a deranged act during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, so that if Kavanaugh was confirmed, Graham could then convince Trump that he was the reason it succeeded. But now Kavanaugh has been sworn in. The game is over. This would be the time for Lindsey to tone it down, right? Except, no, Lindsey is now saying this: “I think the roles were reversed: The slut whore drunk was Kavanaugh.” No really, he said that.

We initially suspected these remarks might have been from a satire site, until NBC News confirmed that Lindsey Graham really did say this. We understand what Graham was trying to say here โ€“ that Kavanaugh was the one who was unfairly treated โ€“ but this is not how you say it. This is not how a sane person says anything. And it’s certainly not how a United States Senator says anything.

This helps serve as confirmation that Lindsey Graham isn’t merely putting on some kind of calculated act, as part of a scheme to inexplicably sacrifice the rest of his long Senate career in favor of a brief stint as Attorney General. No, he’s completely lost control. He’s completely cracking under whatever pressure has been on him since the day he played that fateful round of golf with Donald Trump. Graham admitted during the 2016 election cycle that his emails were hacked while he was running for president. Did the Russians do it? Did they give the emails to Trump? Is Trump blackmailing Graham into acting like a rabid baboon? Is that why Graham has snapped?

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