So much for Lara Trump

Shortly after Donald Trump was declared the loser of the 2020 election, certain media pundits (on the left and right) began pushing the narrative that Trump was going to be a frontrunner for president in 2024, and that his various family members were also going to get elected to lesser office. Specifically, pundits insisted that Ivanka Trump was going to primary Marco Rubio in Florida and become a Senator, and that Eric Trump’s wife Lara Trump was going to be a viable candidate in the 2022 Senate race in North Carolina.

None of that ever materialized. Instead, Donald Trump ended up endorsing Rubio’s reelection bid earlier this year, making clear that Ivanka wasn’t running for anything. And now, during his embarrassingly inept Saturday night rally in North Carolina, Donald Trump endorsed a Republican Senate candidate named Ted Budd. In other words, Lara Trump isn’t running for anything either.

Palmer Report predicted from the very start that none of these Trump candidacies would materialize. In spite of the narrative that the media was pushing in early 2021, the Trump family is toxically unpopular. Donald Trump’s favorability rating was low to begin with, he lost the 2020 election badly as a result, and the Capitol attack drove his favorability rating into even more non-viable territory. His family is just as broadly unpopular as he is.

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