Donald Trump is so far gone, he doesn’t even know what he’s obstructing anymore

Donald Trump is so far removed from rational thought, or reality, or things sitting right in front of his face, he still doesn’t seem to have figured out that White House Counsel Don McGahn sold him out to Special Counsel Robert Mueller a long time ago. Some of you have told me not to point it out here, but really, even if Trump is reading this article, is he going to grasp it? Now we have word that Trump is so far gone, he doesn’t even understand – or perhaps remember – what he’s obstructing anymore.

Back in January, the New York Times ran an article claiming that Trump asked McGahn to fire Mueller, and that McGahn refused, and threatened to resign. Anyone with their thinking cap on could figure out that the source of this story had to have been McGahn himself, and that McGahn had to have also given this information to Mueller. Instead of figuring it out, Trump asked McGahn to put out a statement refuting the NY Times report. According to a followup NY Times report today, McGahn responded by reminding Trump that he really did order McGahn to fire Mueller.

The key word here: “remind.” The NYT article is insinuating that Trump had either forgotten that he really did order McGahn to fire Mueller, or that Trump is in such a delusional haze that he convinced himself he really didn’t order the firing, or that Trump has slipped to the point that he no longer even understands what he’s saying and doing (link). It’s just the latest reminder that, while Trump is still trying to lie and scheme his way out of this, he’s not mentally and/or psychologically competent enough to do it properly.

Try to imagine ordering one of your employees to fire the guy who’s investigating you, and then later being surprised to learn that you really did give that order when you read about it in the newspaper. Whatever the specific explanation for what’s wrong with him, he’s that far gone – and he keeps rapidly getting worse. He’s in the fight of his life, and he’s not remotely equipped for it.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report