Donald Trump’s “snow day” goes off the rails

These days Donald Trump’s behavior tends to be unhinged even when his remaining handlers are around him to try to keep him in check. So when we learned that today was a “snow day” in Washington DC and that federal government functions were largely shut down even as people struggled to get to their jobs, we had a feeling Trump would be even more unhinged than usual. Sure enough, he spent the day proving our hunch correct.

Trump woke up this morning and continued his recent string of public attacks on Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but this time around, let’s just say that his lack of adult supervision was painfully obvious. Trump misspelled “Special Counsel” as “Special Council” three times in one tweet, deleted it, and then misspelled “Special Counsel” three more times in a tweet that’s still visible half a day later. Trump also swung and missed on the words “weather” and “the” in the process. But he was just getting started.

By the middle of the afternoon it seemed that perhaps one of Trump’s handlers had finally made it through the snow, as someone was clearly spellchecking Trump’s tweets at that point. By the time Trump began ripping into George W. Bush for not having the “smarts” to deal with Vladimir Putin, and ripping Barack Obama for not having the “chemistry” to deal with Putin, and ripping Hillary Clinton for not having the “energy” to deal with Putin, he was suddenly spelling everything correctly, while still embarrassing himself in other ways.

Come to think of it, aside from the difference in spelling errors, supervised Donald Trump no longer comes off that much differently from unsupervised Donald Trump. Too many of his core handlers have resigned or been fired, and he’s too far gone to listen to those who are still around.

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