Donald Trump is going to hate what SNL just did to him

If you’re still waiting to watch tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live on the DVR, or if you’re on the west coast, then stop reading now, because this article contains spoilers.

Still with us? Okay, good. By now you know that tonight’s episode of SNL did not include Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump character in the opening sketch. Instead it was this weird swing-and-miss attempt at making fun of the Jeff Bezos – David Pecker scandal. But during the course of the Meet The Press mockup, there were two funny moments – and Trump will hate them both.

First came the reprisal of Kate McKinnon brilliant sendup of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. She’s done Ross before, but this time she took it to the next level. Then came the inevitable appearance of Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker, portrayed by Aidy Bryant. This image says it all:

That’s right, Saturday Night Live upped the ante tonight by having a woman portray the most overly aggro-macho member of Donald Trump’s goon squad. It’s been widely reported that Trump hates it when SNL has women portray his henchmen, because in his sexist mind, it makes them look weak.