Robert Mueller crashes Saturday Night Live

No, the real Robert Mueller didn’t just appear on Saturday Night Live. Obviously. But the Special Counsel investigating Donald Trump finally made his SNL debut as a character. Quit reading now if you haven’t yet seen it and don’t want to be spoiled about which cast member portrayed Mueller, what he had to say, and how it ties back to the real investigation into Trump’s criminal antics.

Still with us? Good. Because she can do anything, Kate McKinnon is now portraying Robert Mueller on Saturday Night Live. This in addition to her other political characters including Hillary Clinton, Kellyanne Conway, Angela Merkel, Elizabeth Warren, Betsy DeVos, Lindsey Graham, and Jeff Sessions. McKinnon’s Mueller, complete with prosthetic cheeks and toothpick in hand, appeared during Weekend Update to brief the nation on the progress of his Trump investigation.

Mueller predictably didn’t want to give away the specifics of his investigation. But when he was pressed, he revealed that he has Trump nailed on everything. Treason, tapes, you name it, he’s sitting on all of the above. He promised that, as opposed to the fictional television show Lost, the massively complicated Trump-Russia scandal will all make sense in the end with a satisfying conclusion.

The fake Robert Mueller also gave away that Trump has been nailed because Michael Flynn has been wearing a wire the entire time. This is remarkable, because it’s entirely possible that the real Mueller may have used this strategy with the real Flynn. Although Flynn didn’t officially cut his plea deal until December, there is circumstantial evidence that he may have begun informally cooperating with Mueller as far back as July. In fact Flynn’s plea deal specifically required that he agree to wear a wire if asked (link). The real Mueller isn’t going to reveal any of this until he’s ready to bring criminal charges, but in the meantime at least we have Kate McKinnon’s fake Mueller to keep our spirits up.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report