Donald Trump gets caught tweeting sheer nonsense during war briefing

Donald Trump seems to think that tweeting is more important than doing the job of President of the United States – or perhaps that tweeting is the job of President of the United States. Either way, Trump found himself in the rare position of actually doing a legitimate job duty today – but it turns out he was also doing something else.

Here’s what Donald Trump tweeted this evening: “Just completed a very good meeting on Afghanistan. Many on the opposite side of this 19 year war, and us, are looking to make a deal – if possible!” That might be one of the worst-constructed sentences in the history of the English language. But the meeting itself sounded like a worthy use of his time. Well, that is, if not for what he had just tweeted moments earlier.

Starting at 6:26pm eastern time and ending at 6:43pm, Trump went on a juvenile Twitter rampage in which he asserted – among other things – that Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s grandmother doesn’t like her (no really, he said this). But then at 6:58pm, Trump posted his tweet about how he’d just completed his Afghanistan war meeting. In other words, Trump was tweeting his stupid nonsense during the Afghanistan meeting.

That is, of course, if Donald Trump even posted that last tweet. For all we know, one of his social media handlers could have made up the Afghanistan War meeting and tweeted about it to try to draw attention away from the idiocy that Trump was tweeting about Democratic Congresswomen. Either way, this is humiliating for Trump on every level.

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