Donald Trump gives deranged speech about anonymous op-ed, slurs his words while insisting he’s not insane

Amid reports that yesterday’s anonymous New York Times op-ed has driven Donald Trump to a whole new level of deranged behavior, Trump gave a pre-scheduled rally speech in Montana tonight. Trump used his speech as an opportunity to prove those reports correct, as he spent the speech not only incoherently rambling about the op-ed, but also slurring and mispronouncing his words – raising questions about whether he’s suffering a psychotic break or he’s simply high on drugs.

Donald Trump has periodically appeared to be high on cocaine when he’s made public appearances during his most stressful moments. But tonight he came off as being on the opposite kind of drug. Trump slurred his way through the speech, while coming off as unusually lethargic, and comically unable to say some of the words he was trying to say.

At one point, Donald Trump tried to attack the anonymous author of the op-ed, but he couldn’t get the word “anonymous” out of his mouth. It went something like this: “anomous, really, anonymous, gutless, coward, [unintelligible] level.” Apparently he intended that stretch of words to be an actual sentence. He then decided that the op-ed author must be a woman because the New York Times referred to the author as a man, before changing his mind again. At another point Donald Trump began insisting that he’s not insane, ranting that “I stand up here giving speeches for an hour and a half, and then they say ‘he’s lost it’.”

So is Donald Trump high on some kind of downer drug tonight, or has he merely fallen into some kind of trance as the pressure mounts? We don’t know. We haven’t seen him slurring like this since his infamous “United Shesh” debacle, and his words tonight were arguably more incoherent than we’ve ever heard from him. Whatever is going on here, Trump is now at his most cartoonish level of Trumpiness to date – and it’ll likely only get worse as the week goes on.

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