Adam Schiff reveals he has something up his Trump-Russia sleeve

House Intelligence Committee ranking member Adam Schiff is twice as smart and savvy as Donald Trump, and he’s ten times as smart and savvy as committee chair Devin Nunes, so it’s not surprising that Schiff has been a step ahead of Trump and Nunes throughout the memo-gate scandal. Now Schiff is revealing that he has something up his sleeve when it comes to his Democratic rebuttal memo.

Nunes wrote his memo as a way of trying to save himself and Trump in the Russia scandal. Schiff and the other Democrats on the House Intel Committee wrote the rebuttal memo as a way of exposing the fraudulent and misleading nature of the Nunes memo. Now that the Nunes memo has bombed in its own right, Trump is trying to keep things from getting even worse for him. He’s refusing to declassify the rebuttal memo, in the hope that it’ll never see the light of day.

But that isn’t going to happen. Trump wants Schiff to make several revisions to the memo before signing off on it. These “revisions” are naturally aimed at making Trump look better in the Russia scandal. Schiff could agree to this as a way of getting the rebuttal memo out there largely intact, which would still serve to do some damage to Trump. Instead, Schiff isn’t having any of it.

Adam Schiff has announced that he’s simply refusing to make any revisions to his rebuttal memo, according to new reporting from CNN and MSNBC tonight. This means that Schiff must have some other method up his sleeve for getting the memo out the door without any revisions. He’s not revealing what his strategy is, presumably so that Donald Trump can’t find a way to preemptively block it. But it’s clear that Schiff is about to do something.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report