Mike Pence, Russian sleeper agent?

As these constant drips of treason about Donald Trump continue to pour out, he continues to distract, as best he can, through creating talking points for the media. Whether he understands or not, the American people will not allow these distractions much longer. Whether it’s that he may have paid a porn star to get an abortion or that he committed treason, his sudden trade wars against our allies will not allow him the benefit of avoiding the facts. But who is directing these distractions? That’s something we should all be worried about.

The first question must be who would benefit most from the fact Trump is going down. That answer is easy: Mike Pence. Ever since Russia told Trump (via its puppet Paul Manafort) that Mike Pence would be his second in command, it should have been evident to Trump that they had a game plan which would last after Trump’s ouster. At the same time, Russia chose an asset in Trump, someone that has never exhibited any foresight, or even reasoning, if it meant he might be able to advance his own personal wealth.

After all we now know, Mike Pence was meant to fulfill the dreams of Putin, taking the reins of the top position in American politics, while dispersing turmoil, distrust, and division. This dream may have come to fruition if not for the intelligence communities of multiple nations including the United States.

Looking back on the level of treason committed by Donald Trump and Mike Pence, it’s clear that some people are willing to put money and power over their sworn duty to uphold the oaths of their position. Luckily, Special Counsel Robert Muller values justice and democracy above promises form a foreign adversary such as Russia.

I’m a ceramic engineer living in Central New York, avid sports fan but find myself more interested in politics lately.