Time Magazine named Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the 2020 Person of the Year tonight. It’s well earned. They took down an incumbent fascist and changed the face of American presidential tickets forever. It’s also a major blow to Donald Trump, who has long been obsessed with being on the cover of Time, to the point of displaying fake Time covers with his face on them.

Yet more than an hour after the news broke, Trump is still silent. He’s tweeted a few videos of his favorite crackpot pundits, but those tweets are almost certainly coming from Trump’s social media handlers. Trump’s silence on the matter suggests that 1) he’s going to sleep earlier than he used to, and 2) his handlers are no longer bothering to ghost tweet for him in situations like this.

Does it really matter what Trump tweets or doesn’t tweet at this point? Maybe not. There’s a reason his number of Twitter followers has dropped precipitously since he lost the election, after having steadily increased for years. He’s simply losing relevance. But as he increasingly fails to react to negative news in a timely fashion, it suggests he’s given up far more thoroughly than his endgame bravado and bluster would have us believe.

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