Sick, contagious, drugged out Donald Trump breaks his White House quarantine, enters Oval Office

So much for the notion that Donald Trump would remain quarantined in the White House residence until his coronavirus battle is over. Moments after Trump’s corrupt doctor made the laugh out loud claim that Trump is now somehow cured, multiple major news outlets are now reporting that Trump has left the residence and entered the Oval Office.

To be clear, Donald Trump is still sick with coronavirus and highly contagious. Anyone who comes near him will likely get sick, and may die. Yet NBC News is reporting that Trump went to the Oval Office to be “briefed” on the stimulus negotiations, which he broke off yesterday. So now we know that Trump is up and walking the halls of the White House and infecting everyone along the way, including whoever he met with in the Oval Office.

This is literally a crime. It’s also an act of domestic terrorism, considering Donald Trump is now trying to carry out a murder plot in the White House for political reasons. What’s notable is that Trump is still hiding from the cameras, suggesting that he’s still as weak, sick, and out of breath as the last time we saw him.

Donald Trump probably thinks that this “strongman” move makes him look tough. But he thought that was going to be the case with his Walter Reed joyride and his decision to leave the hospital early, and his poll numbers have simply gotten even uglier since he pulled those stunts. Trump is unraveling in deranged and drugged out fashion before our eyes, and he’s throwing away both his health and his election prospects.

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