Susan Collins gets shouted down

In the week since GOP Senator Susan Collins delivered a lie-filled and widely alienating speech announcing her support for alleged serial sexual assaulter Brett Kavanaugh, things haven’t exactly gone well for her. Millions of dollars have been crowdfunded for her eventual Democratic opponent in 2020. Democratic Party heavyweight Susan Rice says she might run against her. And now Collins just can’t get a word in edgewise.

After her Kavanaugh vote and speech, Susan Collins tellingly stayed off Twitter for five full days. She was surely aware of the online backlash she’d receive the minute she resumed tweeting. Sure enough, her first few tweets on Tuesday didn’t go particularly well for her. Now she’s trying again, and it’s clear that she’s just going to keep getting shouted down no matter what she says.

Senator Collins posted this rather innocuous tweet on Thursday, which under different circumstances might have been greeted more warmly: “The forest products industry helps drive our local economies and sustain rural communities. I greatly enjoyed meeting with Maine loggers this afternoon.” The responses were anything but charitable.

One respondent said this to Susan Collins: “When everything has time to come out about Kavanaugh, you will have to live with that Senator Collins. Guess it was worth it to you, since you are part of the swamp now.” Another said “Hope that payoff was worth your political career, and your soul.” Yet another simply said “Thank you for reminding me to unfollow you.” Suffice it to say that there were very, very few pro-Collins replies of any kind.