Donald Trump short circuits

Maybe it’s the advancing impeachment process against him. Maybe it’s the New York grand jury that’s coming closer to indicting him by the day. Or maybe getting booed at major sporting events twice in one week has sent him over the edge. Whatever the reason, Trump is completely short circuiting today.

Donald Trump went on a lengthy bender about the “SMEARS, SPIES AND LIES” and “FEDERAL CONTRACTOR SPIES” and a bunch of other deranged all-caps nonsense that no mentally stable person would ever be able to make heads or tails of. After his rant was seemingly over, Trump randomly tweeted this: “The Angry Majority!”

No one is sure what Trump is even trying to say. Is he suddenly trying to claim that his supporters are the majority? That would be hilarious, considering that the major polls show the majority of Americans now want Trump impeached and removed from office. Did Trump slip up and admit that the people who oppose him are the angry majority?


We don’t know what this guy is talking about, and neither does he. Donald Trump is short circuiting. Whatever it is that he thinks he’s trying to say, it’s clearly not coming out correctly. Trump is in need of professional medical and psychological attention.

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