Don’t be shocked if this is how Robert Mueller handles his endgame with Donald Trump

We’ve spent the past several months watching Special Counsel Robert Mueller systemically pick Donald Trump and his underlings apart, and we’ve spent the past few weeks watching Mueller building up to an inevitable endgame interview with Trump about obstruction of justice. Now that we’ve finally arrived at that point, don’t be shocked if Mueller pulls a fast one by not bothering to pursue an interview with Trump after all.

I’m mentioning this because if it happens, the media will massively misreport what’s going on, either because they don’t understand why this might happen, or because they want to spin it into the scariest sounding thing possible for the sake of ratings. You’ve got to keep in mind that by the time these mafia-style investigations finish working their way up through the little fish and the big fish, the investigators already know everything before they sit down for the interview with the kingpin at the end. They know if the kingpin is innocent or guilty; the interview is a formality either way.

Last night, after realizing that the last ditch Nunes memo gambit failed, Trump’s attorneys revealed their final strategy: advising Trump not to go through with the interview after all. Mueller can go into court and try to get a judge to rule that Trump must testify. This would leave Trump with only the politically fatal option of pleading the Fifth. But that court ruling could take some time. If Mueller senses that it might take months for the Supreme Court to compel Trump to testify, Mueller might just blow the whole thing off.

Keep in mind that Robert Mueller doesn’t need the interview with Donald Trump. He already has Trump nailed six ways to Sunday on obstruction of justice. If Mueller concludes he can finish Trump off more quickly by bypassing the interview, he may go that route. If he does, the mainstream media may spin it as Mueller somehow giving up on the investigation altogether. But that’s not what it’ll mean at all.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report