Donald Trump’s lawyer goes rogue, calls the whole thing a “shit show”

At this point we’re not even sure what Donald Trump’s “legal team” realistically looks like. Rudy Giuliani has unofficially been on it for two weeks, and it sounds like he may not be there much longer. Emmet Flood has been there for five minutes, and he’s technically a White House lawyer. Ty Cobb just resigned. White House Counsel Don McGahn is said to be on his way out. Jay Sekulow is just sort of there. But we do know that the “team” is officially hitting the panic button over its own collective incompetence.

Rudy went on Fox News this week and promptly incriminated Donald Trump by admitting that Trump reimbursed Michael Cohen for his payoff to Stormy Daniels, and by admitting that Trump fired FBI Director James Comey to try to sabotage the Russia investigation. By our count, Rudy confessed that Trump committed at least five different felonies in the process. Suffice it to say that at least one other member of Trump’s legal team is less than happy about it.

One of the other unnamed members of Trump’s legal team has told CNN that Rudy’s performance has been a “shit show.” We’re not sure if this is coming from Flood, who’s not technically on the team, or from Sekulow, or perhaps from some other attorney Trump hired and forgot to tell us about. But it’s clear that things are in total chaos within Trump’s legal camp right now.

This comes after Donald Trump told a group of reporters earlier today that Rudy Giuliani had no idea what he was talking about when he was confessing to Trump’s crimes, before going on a rant about how people should know the facts before opening their mouths. It looks like one member of Trump’s legal team, the one who’s calling the whole thing a shit show, does know the facts.

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