Sherlock Holmes would have a field day with this one


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Criminals often find themselves on a slippery slope. Many times, they think they’re cleverer than they are. “I won’t get caught,” many think smugly. And they usually do. This is because these types of people often let their egos control them to their detriment.

And when these people walk among us in the highest echelons of Government, the cover up is often what gets them. And right now, we have a cover up that is shaping up to be huge. Is it a crime? Well — unless one is completely naive and really does believe in coincidences to an unheard of degree, I’d say it could be. Yes, it could be.

Something stinks. Something nefarious happened after January 6. It is the texts — the texts that were wiped clean and deleted. Sherlock Holmes would have a field day with this one. The Secret Service. The Department of Homeland Security. And the Pentagon. What is going on? I’d say a cover up is going on.

Do these people think we’re idiots? Possibly. I say this because, like many people before them, those that engaged in this behavior are likely at the mercy of their egos — possibly convincing themselves they could actually get away with it.

Criminals always underestimate the people they are attempting to deceive. They want to think they’re better, brighter, smarter. They want to believe they can perpetuate the greatest con.

Only it’s a myth — the myth of the ego. In reality, these people are in a lot of trouble, and somewhere in the darkness of their souls, they must know that. This is how Watergate came tumbling down. And it happens often. It’s not always the crime that gets them — it’s the cover up.

WHAT could have been in those texts? What was so horrific that they would do this? We will find out. The January 6 committee and the Department of Justice will not let this go. And the smug ones’ hush-hush attempted cover up will be revealed for all to see.


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