Something doesn’t add up about Shep Smith’s resignation from Fox News

Shep Smith, one of a tiny handful of respectable people on Fox News, announced his resignation today. Smith said on-air that it was his choice to leave, and that he’d been wanting to leave for some time. But much as we’d like to take him at his word, evidence suggests there may be more to the story.

Shepard Smith has emerged as one of the leading voices calling out Donald Trump’s lies and corruption in recent months, to the point that Smith has gained a reputation for being a forthright reporter (along with Chris Wallace), despite working for a largely dishonest cesspool like Fox News. This week Trump unloaded on Fox News on Twitter for not doing enough to prop up his failing presidency.

Donald Trump’s corrupt Attorney General Bill Barr had dinner with Fox News boss Rupert Murdoch this week, according to multiple major news outlets. We were all expecting another shoe to drop as a result of that dinner, and now suddenly one of Fox’s loudest Trump critics is abruptly gone from the network.

Throw in the fact that Shep Smith’s on-air counterparts seemed genuinely shocked by the news of his departure today, and that NBC News is reporting that Smith was escorted out by security, and something doesn’t add up here. We wish Smith the best, and we hope he eventually lands on a better TV network.

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