Robert Mueller just set Donald Trump’s presidency on fire

Over the past week we’ve seen one bombshell surface in the media after another, each of which has further exposed Donald Trump’s guilt on a variety of crimes. First came the news of the FBI counterintelligence probe into Trump. Then came the news that Trump tried to hide the notes from his Putin meeting from his own staff. Now the most devastating news for Trump has surfaced yet.

While the length of Donald Trump’s eventual prison sentence will be based on his most severe crimes, his ouster is going to come down to which of his crimes are the most clearly provable. That’s why it’s so crucial that Robert Mueller and his allies nail Trump on an easily proven, easily understood crime – and now we know that Mueller not only has it up his sleeve, he just decided to roll it out.

When you look at the sourcing on the BuzzFeed report, it says that the information came from law enforcement officials involved in the investigation. In other words, it came from Mueller’s camp. Not only that, MSNBC subsequently reported on-air that according to its sources, the story is based on more than just Cohen’s testimony, just as Palmer Report predicted.

So now we’ve got Robert Mueller and his allies launching a flamethrower at Donald Trump in public, for all to see, as the public watches. Those flames have been getting closer all week, and now Trump just got burned. The kicker: there’s a whole lot more fire where these flames came from.

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