Donald Trump’s tweet comparing himself to a serial killer goes off the rails

If there’s no rule that says you should never try to win an argument by comparing yourself to a serial killer, it’s only because up to now, no such rule has been needed. But leave it to Donald Trump to be the one to go there, and to do it in a particularly idiotic manner.

Trump has largely abandoned all pretense of innocence in his whistleblower scandal, and he’s instead become obsessed with the idea that the impeachment process isn’t being carried out in a proper manner. The Constitution makes clear that the House is supposed to decide whether to bring charges against the president, which means that it acts like a grand jury, which means the president doesn’t get to participate in the process. The president only gets to mount a formal defense if impeachment makes it to the Senate, where he’ll be on trial.

Because Trump can’t read, he’s not familiar with this constitutional concept. And because he has less self awareness than a grapefruit, he seemed to think that this tweet was a good idea: Serial killers get more Due Process than the Democrats give to the President of the United States.”

That’s right, the guy who is currently having America’s Kurdish allies murdered is now trying to paint himself as being the victim by comparing himself to a serial killer. It’s all a little too on the nose. If this were a scene in a movie script, it’d be rejected for being too unrealistic to be believable.

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