Donald Trump has humiliatingly senile moment in front of the TV cameras

For months Palmer Report has been documenting how, in addition to everything else that’s already wrong with his mind, Donald Trump is now gradually declining into some type of senility. Some within the Resistance have pushed back against this, arguing that his cognitive abilities aren’t actually failing.

If that’s the case, then explain how Donald Trump managed to have this senile moment in front of the TV cameras today (if the video below won’t load on your device, go here instead):


Donald Trump is clearly in the midst of some kind of long term cognitive collapse. On some level this makes him even more dangerous than ever, because he’s now the byproduct of being 100% sociopathic and 50% senile. He’s just as evil as ever, but now his evil has an added layer of weirdness and incoherence to it. His failing mind is yet another reason why we must vote him out in large numbers.

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