Senate Republican staffers demand that Donald Trump be convicted in his impeachment trial

It’s becoming more clear that when Donald Trump incited his goons to carry out a domestic terrorist attack against the U.S. Capitol, it was the end of him and his movement. Not only was Trump impeached today for the second time, he’s now facing real trouble in terms of a Senate trial.

We’ll see if we can pressure Mitch McConnell to hold an impeachment trial before the end of Trump’s term, or if it takes place after Trump is gone. But either way, it was reported during Nicolle Wallace’s MSNBC show today that several staffers for Senate Republicans are threatening to resign in protest if their bosses don’t vote to convict Trump. This isn’t surprising, considering Trump nearly got them all killed last week.

This means that the pressure on Senate Republicans to convict Donald Trump is growing by the hour, from within and and without. Keep in mind that we don’t necessarily need seventeen Senate Republicans to convict Trump. If some of them simply skip the vote, we’ll only need two-thirds of the Senators who actually show up. So the fewer Republicans who show up for the trial, the fewer Republicans we need in order to convict him.

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